We passed the 1/4 mark yesterday! This means that our 930 miles that we have rowed so far have at least been slightly in the right direction!

The strong southerly winds and swell have relented, and this has allowed us to change course and head west. The downside of these lighter winds we are having, is that we have to work even harder to maintain our boat-speed, and our bodies are starting to feel the toll with a few niggles starting to come out.

But, as waves aren’t swamping us every 5 minutes, our bums are starting to dry out and hopefully the salt sores will start to mend.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, we are counting down the degrees of longitude, and so far have crossed 15 of the 57. I write down our midday longitude, and then check each day if we are over or under 1 degree per 24 hours -meaning I can stop trying to do trigonometry with our average speed, and of course figure out how far west we are going! (On a similar note if someone with a better memory of A-Level maths could send through a quick refresher of sin, cos and tan it will keep me busy at night… You’d be amazed the things you do to stay entertained at 3am!)

Since starting this row we have been under almost constant bombardment by an unlikely foe – flying fish. For the most part these have been fairly innocuous attacks where we find several small 5-7cm flying fish littering the boat getting caught in the runners of the seats and things. However the last couple of days they appear to have called in some reinforcements. Late last night Ted had a near miss where a 6 inch flying fish whistled passed his head and slammed into the cabin door, then about 2 hours later I bear the full force of a 1ft exocet missile to the chest, the fish then wedged itself underneath my footplate meaning I had to spend 20 minutes dismantling the boat to release this blasted fish.

Time to get back on the oars.

Thank you again to everyone for donating to MSF, please do keep the messages coming (doctorsadrift@gmail.com) – we so enjoy reading them all, and we would also like to take this opportunity to thank FutureYou for providing us with Turmeric supplements that are really helping to keep the muscle fatigue at bay!

Ted and Jack