The last few days have seen us just ticking along. The big 1/4 and 1/3 milestones are now behind us!

The weather has taken a bit of a turn, which has resulted in a significant fall in boat speed. We aim to tick off a minimum of a degree of longitude a day (approx. 60 nautical miles), which has been a bit of a struggle the last 48 hours. Fingers crossed this will change soon and we’ll start zipping along towards Mauritius…

Both of us have managed to avoid being hit by more flying fish (always a bonus). There are however, these ocean birds that occasionally come and keep us company – they’re brown, have long bills and are about the size of a seagull. They swoop around the boat, ducking and diving – Goodness knows where they’ve come from, as there isn’t land for miles! What has provided some entertainment; we have our fishing line trawling behind the boat (unfortunately no sashimi quite yet) and the said birds keep clipping the line, rolling in the air, before straightening themselves out and flying off – confused. In other words we’ve only been close to catching birds with our fishing equipment and prowess rather than any fish!

We’ve been overwhelmed by everyone’s support – we love receiving all your messages, jokes, limericks, quotes and are just sorry we don’t have time to reply personally to you. Please do keep them coming! Thank you also for continuing to donate.

We’d like to thank Fitlegs stockings, one of our sponsors for all their support with our expedition and also supplying us with compression stockings to help our recovery.

Ted and Jack