We have now crossed into the second of our 3 zones for the row (this zone is called zone 2 believe it or not!) and the focus of this third, is consolidating the work we have done so far, and really eat up the miles – hopefully buying us some time for the more technical final third, where aligning ourselves will be the key objective.

The conditions have started to improve, and after 3 hard days we now have some more favourable winds allowing us to push further and faster West! We are about to cross the 93-degree line, leaving us with 36 left to tick off!

I have been listening to lots of film scores the last couple of days and the theme from Hook has stuck with me the most; at the moment Mauritius feels a bit like Neverland (hopefully with less pirates though!) and we are following the timeless directions of “second star on the left, and straight on till morning!”… Only we don’t get there by morning, we have to then repeat the whole thing the next night!

Let’s hope we can keep this pace up!

Jack and Ted

Please read a letter from MSF explaining how Ted and Jack’s challenge will make a significant difference to thousands of lives here: