The last few days have seen our pace pick up a bit as we charge towards the halfway mark… Life on board is going well with no major worrying developments!

We have a bit of a long running joke that the ocean hates Ted, and loves Jack!

We have a short handover between each shift which, more often than not, Jack informs me I’m in for some great conditions, fast rowing and an all round enjoyable experience. Typically, no more than about 90 seconds will pass after Jack has stopped, before the conditions will deteriorate. This will either mean the wind turns for the worse – making the rowing significantly harder work, the waves get bolder smashing over the side of the boat soaking the rower (me) or we enter a storm.  Last night it was the latter. I have never seen rain like it – it was almost a complete white out with bucket loads of water crashing down, whilst the wind whipped up. It definitely made for a hairy session. Classically, the appalling weather subsided 2 minutes prior to the start of Jacks shift…

A few people have been asking about what we wear to row in. The short answer is a variety. We have rowing Lycra that act as the norm with a T-shirt. Jack tends to wear this or occasionally he rows naked when the bum pain gets too much. I on the other hand find that wearing my waterproof trousers all the time helps the salt sores, even if they are a tad hot and uncomfortable in the midday sun! I did try the naked rowing once, but it was like sticking burning needles into each salt sore -so I stick to the trousers from here on in!

As I type this, Jack is rowing at a solid 3.5 knots, the fishing rod is trawling behind (still no sign of a fish) and I am contemplating rewarding myself with a few tablespoons of peanut butter… Glorious.

We’d like to thank Brickendon, one of our three headline sponsors today for all their support both pre and during the row. Loving the #GoTedandJack campaign too! We find it incredibly motivating how many people are following and messaging us, and it really does help us to stay focused towards the goal when the times get tough. Thank you all for your support and generous donations to MSF, they need it now more than ever.

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Ted and Jack