We reached the halfway mark in the early hours of this morning! This caused a lot of excitement on board! We had a short “party” to celebrate. This consisted of some music played over Jack’s waterproof speaker, while both sitting in the sun eating our long awaited cans of tuna, followed by a couple of starburst. Mental. After 30 minutes of fun it was back to it. Weather conditions today are making for slightly slower progress but we are still chugging along. The past few days the weather has been scorching making the midday shifts a bit of a struggle. No sunstroke though to report as yet!

The fishing rod remains in action but sadly it has still not had any interest. Surely it’s a lack of fish rather than our lack of skill…

I’ve had a few funny moments / hallucinations which I thought I would share with you. Probably the result of a chronic lack of sleep and the smattering of painkillers I seem to be knocking back like smarties…  Anyway, the other morning I made the decision to start using my phone for my alarm, rather than relying on my watch, which I was invariably “snoozing” to but was actually just turning off. The said phone alarm went off at the appointed 4.45am. In my dazed state, I was convinced the noise was coming from my sunglasses, so I proceeded to spend the next few minutes desperately hunting for the off button on the lenses and frames! I started to get irritated that I couldn’t find the button and started trying to take them apart – luckily I didn’t get very far before it suddenly dawned on me where the alarm was coming from.

Last night I was on the oars, enjoying listening to a spot of one of my upbeat and “happy” playlists, when I noticed a ball of red-orange flames just above the horizon with what appeared to be smoke pluming off it. It then split into two before fading and leaving just a strong orange glow amid large quantities of smoke in the distance. Naturally, I immediately thought I had just witnessed MH370 mark 2, and so noted the exact time so I could find our exact position on the GPS for when talking to the authorities. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes, although I did spare a thought for Malaysian Airlines, who could have really done without a 3rd high profile disaster in as many years… I nearly woke Jack – but luckily thought better of it before the orange moon peaked out from behind a large cloud in the direction of my apparent plane crash.

We’d like to thank EPIC Private Equity for all their help and support they have given us towards our trip. None of this would have been possible without the incredible generosity of our sponsors. It’s been a big few days – halfway to Mauritius and OVER HALFWAY to our £100k fundraising target! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

Ted and Jack