We are approaching 88 degrees East now, and we are hoping to cross the half way mark (about 86 degrees) within the next 2 days…Morale is therefore pretty good at the moment as we approach such a milestone! The moon is also almost full making the nights much more pleasurable.

Lots of people have been asking what we do when we are not rowing. Given that we are running on 4-5 hours sleep at the moment that takes up most of our ‘free time’.

The rest of the time is mainly spent eating. I am constantly hungry and we need to eat in each of our 6 breaks to ensure we are hitting our calorie intake target.

I am currently munching my way through a 200g bar of dairy milk chocolate, which is meant to last 4 days but by the looks of things won’t be making it past the hour…whoops!

We are eating 5000 calories a day to keep the energy levels up, and to also try and stave off as much weight loss as possible, so this comes in the form of 3 freeze dried meals with a few glugs of olive oil added for good measure, a mass gain protein shake, a snack bag containing 2 packs of fantastic biltong, a cereal bar, 2 bars of chocolate, 50g of nuts, 50g of dried fruits, and then we round off the day with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and another 1/4 bar of chocolate. On paper it sounds quite varied but it’s very regimented – if we didn’t eat all this we would find ourselves falling behind the calorie intake target.

Also  – Ted when packing his breakfasts forgot to mix them up so has had 26 consecutive days of porridge with strawberries, and given the look of disgust on his face each time he pulls another one out, I know for a fact this is the meal he is really not enjoying!

I have now finished my bar of chocolate and I am rowing in 45 minutes so I need to squeeze in a quick nap before I hit my first night shift. Before I sign off I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at the Geraldton Yacht Club who put “Hope” up for us, lent us a trailer and were fantastic hosts! Without your help we would have been left floundering in Australia and our preparation and departure would not have been so smooth.

Jack and Ted