We have had a pretty varied few days on board. Thirty minutes after celebrating passing the halfway mark on day 28 and getting back on the oars, we finally caught our first fish! Great excitement. After swapping lures from a top of the range all singing all dancing plastic fish with a rattle inside, we swapped it to what can only be described as a lump of red plastic with a hook sticking out of one end. Half an hour after this swap a small Mahi Mahi finally took our lure, and we wasted no time in tucking into some sashimi! Delicious. We then steamed the rest, which after 30 days of freeze dried meals it was as if it had come straight from a Michelin Star Kitchen!

However the celebration was short lived, and in true Indian Ocean fashion (as if I knew we were having too much fun) the wind dropped over night and has left us with a very light breeze and scorching sunshine, which has made for a very tough last couple of days. We have been rowing 2 up during the day, and this has resulted in significantly cutting down on our rest time as we try to maintain any resemblance of our progress. It’s looking as if this weather is here to stay for at least the next 5 days, so we will be battling on, and rowing 2 up as much as we can for the foreseeable future.

We had some fantastic news yesterday that Karma Resorts and John Spence has boosted their sponsorship contribution to become one of our four lead sponsors! Not only this but they have also made a cracking donation to MSF! We are so grateful for their support – and for also putting us up on Rottnest Island for some R&R prior to departure. Thank you Karma and thank you to the Karma family too for their daily messages of encouragement and support.

Back to the oars!

Jack and Ted