Apologies for the slight delay with this blog – we have had a tricky time over the Easter weekend. On Friday morning the weather turned – not a breath of wind and the water as flat as a pancake.

Sounds great – right? But sadly not.

It meant scorching temperatures, well into the thirties – with no relief at all from any breeze; this has resulted in MUCH harder rowing.

When conditions are good we can maintain a good average boat speed by doing the 2 hours on – 2 hours off schedule. Since the weather change and subsequent big drop in boat speed, we have had to change our routine to ensure we keep up the miles and don’t let any of our progress so far go to waste. We have therefore moved to doing 3-hour shifts during the day with 1-hour breaks – giving us 2-hour stints of rowing together. This massively helps boat speed and also helps to take some strain off our bodies. This hard rowing can be back-breakingly heavy when you are rowing alone. The cost though is longer shifts and shorter breaks so the change is always made begrudgingly!

Easter Sunday provided marginally better conditions and we were able to enjoy our small packet of mini eggs that we had bought (although they were a tad soggy!).

We are having a few electrical issues at the moment, with one of our batteries refusing to charge so we have to be militant with power to make sure we have enough to make water every day. Hopefully with the help of Rannoch Adventure, we will be able to find a solution.

I would like to reiterate what Jack’s comments in the last blog by thanking John Spence and Karma for so generously increasing their sponsorship and also donating a considerable sum to MSF. We are so incredibly grateful.

We are currently in the process of planning a fundraising dinner (likely in September), which we hope can move us further towards our target. We are looking for both raffle and auction prizes – if anyone has any suggestions or can help please email us on doctorsadrift@gmail.com

Finally, thank you to everyone who has donated and have encouraged others to do so, we have already raised a phenomenal amount of money for MSF and are so grateful and humbled by your support.

Thank you also for your messages, we so enjoy hearing from you.

Ted and Jack