Our first day and night went well – the winds were pushing us too far north so instead of going between the islands we ended up going round the top of them.

Saturday was a very tough day as the winds and weather were against us. It was completely exhausting and everything is now hurting all the time!  It is so difficult making yourself get up and back on the oars after such short periods of rest.

However, we did have a bit of a treat  – we saw a huge batch of dolphins which followed us for nearly an hour!!  We also then saw a couple of sharks beneath the boat so neither of us are keen for a swim anytime soon!  The nights are difficult and incredibly lonely.  I’m sure we will start getting used to it but it is definitely a struggle at the moment.  On Saturday night we had some big weather – huge waves and seriously strong winds.  We started off trying to make the most of them in the right direction but it then got worse and worse and we couldn’t see anything so we put our sea anchor down, because there were some huge swells and very strong winds in the wrong direction, it was pitch black and quite terrifying, we nearly capsized a handful of times so thought enough was enough, put the anchor down and battened down the hatches in the cabin. On Sunday through to this morning it has been great – really strong winds and following swells have meant we can just continue to steer with no need for rowing and we have managed to travel at just over 4 knots!!

So we found the first couple of days really tough – getting into the routine, hard rowing and struggling to make ourselves eat.  Weirdly Ted hasn’t been too bad with seasickness though sadly Jack has had more problems with that – yet although every time we try and eat we both feel nauseous. Now the wind has dropped off so we are rowing hard but we are still making good progress. We think we’re in for a tough couple of days ahead before it hopefully gets better at the end of the week.

We so love hearing from everyone and are so grateful for everyone’s kind words of support and donations. It is making such a difference, thank you all so much.

Ted and Jack