Another day passes and we continue to inch toward Mauritius. We now have less than 1000 nautical miles left! We have covered 2180 nautical miles so far, and we are now gearing up for the final flurry. We are relieved that our second “zone” is coming to an end and we are hoping to cross into the third and final zone late on Wednesday or early Thursday. This with a bit of luck will mark the end of what has been a tough middle third, and give us the mental boost to see us home.
As mentioned previously we are targeting 1 degree per day, but needless to say over the last few days we have failed to hit this, resulting in leaving us with an overall deficit of about 1.5 degrees at the moment. Hopefully with the right conditions we will be able to make this up.
Over the last 24 hours we have seen a shift in the weather leading to an improvement in boat speed, however today we have managed to thread the eye of the needle in between two areas of low pressure, this has meant that we have lost out on some potential wind and stayed in the beaming sunshine. Whilst this may sound like an improvement to some, it makes the rowing tough and has had the added benefit (or not) of turning the cabin into what can best be described as an oven! Even at night the heat gives little respite and I’m pretty sure I sweat more when resting than when rowing!
The last few days have not been all doom and gloom. I treated myself to a clean pair of shorts at the 2/3 mark (so I am now onto my 3rd and final pair!) and on Sunday I cleaned the bottom of the boat of some barnacles (despite the antifoul). I then treated myself to a much needed wash and cool down during the midday sun. I also managed to find a new jar of peanut butter that I had been hunting for for days; there are few things better after a tough rowing session than a couple of spoons of peanut butter!
We would like to thank our very generous sponsors BPL Global who have been a great support to the team, and without whom, this expedition would not have been possible. We continue to be overwhelmed and very touched by all the supportive messages we receive every single day, and the dedication of some of their authors who never fail to cheer us up! Thank you all so much.

Jack and Ted