Neither of us can quite believe we have now been on our 7metre rowing boat for 6 weeks! At the time of writing, we have 860 nautical miles to go! With a gruelling and often lonely rota of 2 hours on, 2 hours off rowing, it can be difficult keeping our minds occupied. There are a variety of things we try and do to keep ourselves entertained. We have the “changeover chat” which varies from us having a bit of a giggle to mere grunts in the early hours. When rowing together we like to ponder certain questions and put the world to rights; Where would you buy a holiday home? What would you do if you won the lottery? If you were a superhero, what powers would you have? What meal are you most looking forward to on arrival in Mauritius? What’s more exciting – having clean, dry sheets or a hot shower?

We’ve also spent considerable time discussing Brexit, North Korea, MH370, the snap election and Trump to name a few. We have also definitely discovered the solutions to many of the world’s problems, and feel we will be wasted returning to medicine on our return!

However, solo shifts can be more difficult. At night we both tend to listen to something – I’m currently enjoying the sultry tones of Stephen Fry as he recounts the 5th Harry Potter. This is followed by listening to the complete adventures of Sherlock Holmes – 79 hours of joy. Podcasts are also a winner, intermingled with the odd cheesy playlist. The trick during the day is to either fill, or empty your mind. Getting lost in your thoughts or even trying to have none at all. The best shifts of all are those where it feels you’ve blinked and they’re over!

Today we would like to thank our supplier sponsors; Crewsaver for supplying our life jackets, Navionics for our chart data and Mufasa biltong for our 20kg of awesome dried meat.

Thank you to everyone again for sending through messages of support – we really do love hearing from you. Back to the oars!

Ted and Jack