In the last 2 days we have crossed into our third and final zone and we are now over 3/4 of the way! These have been two huge milestones that we have been fighting towards these last 10 days, so we are thrilled to have finally crossed them. They signal the start of our preparation for the final stages of our expedition.

Zone 3 is to be all about alignment; We will be working closely with our land support team, and weather routers at Rannoch Adventure to position ourselves in order that we take best advantage of the weather conditions, and to ensure a clear and safe approach to the island. Given the conditions at the moment (no wind or waves) alignment shouldn’t be too much of an issue, as I don’t think we are in any danger of overshooting Mauritius! Conditions though continue to be very tough, but we are continuing to plod on focusing on what we hope will be the final few days and praying for better weather!

Morale is fairly fluctuant at the moment, with the highs of clearing the milestones but these are then being marred by the catastrophically slow boat speed and the fear of adding days onto our journey. Ted and I particularly find the shifts in the early hours (2-4am and 4-6am) the toughest so at the end of each shift we now tell the other 3 positives from the previous 2 hours.

Our electrical issues are on-going and I made an attempt (under close instruction via sat phone with all round boat guru Mike at Rannoch) to wire the solar panel from the duff battery into the functioning one, to give some added umph, unfortunately this has failed to improve the situation, so we have upped our electrical conservation and today we have decided not to run the water maker so we are using the extra water we have on board instead.

We would like to thank our sponsors, Killik & Co, E-Bykes, Res Fortes wines and “The Godfather” for helping make this expedition a reality and their continued support throughout.

We are hopeful that we are approaching our final 2 weeks on board and we are pushing ourselves to our physical limits to complete this challenge. We are incredibly grateful for all the extremely generous donations so far to MSF, but although we are edging closer to Mauritius, we are still some way short of our fundraising target, so it would be wonderful if by any chance we could spread the net further by encouraging our followers and their friends to raise further funds for these brave and committed people who work so hard for MSF. It could make such a difference:

£3 buys 312 ibuprofen tablets.
£10 inoculates 21 children against measles.
£28 buys antibiotics to treat 20 war-wounded people.
£157 buys a dressing kit to treat 40 people suffering from burn injuries
£183 buys a basic surgical kit

All donations however big and small are hugely appreciated; they can be made through the link at the top of the page or via our Pledgit link ( or via text:
To donate £3 text MRXKR to 70193
To donate £5 text MRXKR to 70195
To donate £10 text MRXKR to 70190

Back to the oars!

Jack and Ted