We have both decided that 46 days is a long time to be on a 7-metre rowing boat! The end is now hopefully in sight with “just” 670 nautical miles to go.

The weather has continued to be less than helpful with continual sweltering conditions, calm seas and a distinct lack of wind. We are hoping things are going to pick up tomorrow so we can start motoring through the last 12 degrees to Mauritius.

As the expedition is in the later stages now, as well as getting excited for the finish, we have also been thinking about all the things we are going to miss. The ocean night sky just never fails to inspire, nor does the green phosphorescence in the water with each rowing stroke. The sunrises are pretty spectacular and make for an enjoyable early morning shift. Last week we saw something cool but very strange – a rainbow that was flat along the horizon, almost like a sunset but with all the colours of the spectrum. Finally, I think we will both miss the simplicity of life out here. Although often pretty tough, all we have to do is focus on moving the boat in a westward direction, along with a bit of personal and boat maintenance. A far cry from our busy life back home in the UK!

Disappointingly, we have seen very little wildlife other than the odd ocean bird since leaving Geraldton. Fingers crossed that we might see some dolphins, as we get closer to Mauritius!

We would now like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone at Rannoch Adventure, the ocean rowing company. Without their tireless efforts preparing the boat (and us!), we would be nowhere near where we are now. They have not only given us expert guidance on technique and strategy, but they have also been on the end of a phone 24/7 in times of crisis (typically technological!) and given us endless friendship and support. We (and our families) are so grateful to the whole team and their expertise.

We are hopeful that we are approaching our final 2 weeks on board and we are pushing ourselves to our physical limits to complete this challenge. We are incredibly grateful for all the extremely generous donations so far to MSF, but although we are edging closer to Mauritius, we are still some way short of our fundraising target, so it would be wonderful if by any chance we could spread the net further by encouraging our followers and their friends to raise further funds for these brave and committed people who work so hard for MSF. It could make such a difference:

£3 buys 312 ibuprofen tablets.
£10 inoculates 21 children against measles.
£28 buys antibiotics to treat 20 war-wounded people.
£157 buys a dressing kit to treat 40 people suffering from burn injuries
£183 buys a basic surgical kit

All donations however big and small are hugely appreciated; they can be made through the link at the top of the page or via our Pledgit link (www.pledgit.net) or via text:
To donate £3 text MRXKR to 70193
To donate £5 text MRXKR to 70195
To donate £10 text MRXKR to 70190

Ted and Jack