Spoke to Ted this morning and they’re rowing like crazy together – so no blog from them, just me again under Ted’s instruction. Obviously knackered and running low on water (4 litres left), and not enough juice in the battery to make more, so it’s so important they’re allowed straight in. But some jobsworth was determined to throw a spanner in the works saying under no circumstances will they be allowed in without all the necessary permissions. What the hell did we achieve in the various port offices yesterday? SFA as it turns out.

Wrestled with immigration (seems relaxed), the Ports Authority and various Coastguards and we hoped we were sorted. Then another rather aggressive call, followed up by  an email from a chap in immigration saying under no circumstances can they come into La Balise Marina – they must continue on to Port Louis only another 6km. Wrong. It is very much further, crowded with shipping, tricky at night and another 12 hours rowing. Not looking forward to breaking this to the boys and we are still looking for plan B!

Assuming they can reach Port Louis tomorrow morning the immigration jonnies arrive to check passports etc, then off to the wonderful Les Trou aux Biches – courtesy of Mark Boule at Beachcomber Resorts. An amazing place to rest and recuperate – and that’s just us, the boys will love it too! Plenty more dramas before then no doubt but keep an eye open on their Facebook page for their eventual arrival.

Next blog from Ted and Jack – when they’ve eaten and slept.

Over & out

Jo Welman