This week’s blog focuses on what we are both actually bringing on the boat, because as you can appreciate, space is at a premium.

So it’s two weeks out from the row at the moment and we’re only just understanding how much we have to bring.  We spent a whole day this week just listing out everything we need to pack, and the main thing is of course food.

Our food is broken down into three freeze dried meals a day which makes up 2,800 calories.  On top of this we have planned for one ‘snack bag’, which we have just finished packing today.  The snack bag contains an extra 1,000 calories of some home comforts like; nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and cereal bars, as well as 100g of biltong!  We’ll have the three main meals during the day while the snack bag will keep us going through the night.  On top of that, there are a few extra items to keep us going.  We’ll bring some peanut butter, as well as a couple of bottles of whiskey and rum, so we can really get in to the spirit of being out at sea!

As we’ve explained, food is really important, and we would like to thank our fantastic sponsors – Expedition Foods for the freeze-dried meals and Mufasa Deli in Perth for 20kg of Biltong!

We’re going to get the boat out of the water at the weekend and start loading the food and then see how much space we have for equipment. The food will be stored in dry stores, underneath the main deck and the rest of the equipment will be packed around us in the cabin – this helps keep us still and steady when we are getting bounced around by the waves.


There are a couple of extra sentimental items that we’re taking to remind us of home and keep us sane.  Both of us are bringing  letters and cards from loved ones to open every few weeks.  Jack is also taking a small urn of his Grandfather’s ashes, who was a big sailor and spent a lot of time out at sea so it’s poignant he’s coming along with us!

One of the more important items we’re taking is our Sat Phone.  This will be our lifeline, allowing us to call friends, family and loved ones, as well as our land team and help if we need it.

Thanks for your continued fundraising support – we’re well on the way to hitting our £50,000 before we leave.  If you haven’t donated yet and would like to, head to our Pledge It site to show your support.


Jack and Ted